Energy management

Whether it’s within industry, commerce or the public sector, energy managers are seeking to reduce their energy costs as prices rise. From building management systems within commercial property to greater use of energy monitoring and targeting, using sub-metering systems and more energy efficient technologies – such variable speed drives on motors in industry – companies are looking to operate more efficiently, while reducing their environmental impact.

Wasted energy
Reducing wasted energy not only makes good business sense, it also makes environmental sense through reducing companies’ carbon footprint. And, with public and regulatory attention increasingly focusing on issues such as global warming and the adverse impact of humans on climate change, energy management is going to become increasingly important.

Climate Change Levy
Technology Writers can report on everything from the UK’s Climate Change Levy on the use of carbon-based energy sources, such as electricity, gas and solid fuels, and the technology underpinning new energy efficient systems, to the latest thinking on green energy from wind turbines, solar and tidal energy.