Wireless technology

Wireless technology has become the norm for most of us, both in and out of the home, whether it is on our PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Industry and individual companies were slower to embrace these technologies for fear of jeopardising the security of their critical control systems.

Secure factory systems
However, life is rapidly moving on and we are witnessing the emergence of more secure factory systems. This has seen an explosion of web-based systems for storing data and even enabling an element of remote control of process lines.

Technology Writers are at the heart of emerging technologies: from near-field communications and sensor developments, to radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging, combined with internet-based communication of information.

They regularly speak to web-based solutions providers that are developing new and exciting cloud-based systems covering an increasingly diverse range of areas, and designed to meet an increasingly diverse range of needs.

Remote monitoring
So, from fridges that can communicate to consumers when items of food are reaching their ‘use-by’ date or can automatically replenish items, to remote maintenance monitoring of production lines in support of preventative maintenance routines, Technology Writers have their fingers on the pulse and understand these emerging trends.