Physical and biological science

From materials science – covering everything from plastics, composites, alloys and ceramics – to nanotechnology, genetic modification of crops and nutrition, Technology Writers have the expertise and top scientific contacts to write about the very latest, cutting-edge science affecting most areas.

Human genome
Technology Writers have the expertise in, and regularly research and write about, subjects ranging from the latest analytical techniques for identifying sources of contamination in food supply chains to current understanding of the human genome and developments in the natural sciences.

They have written about whole genome sequencing (WGS),which is set to revolutionise our understanding of the world around us. While initially developed as a research tool, it is starting to find practical use in areas such as food safety and the identification of food poisoning outbreaks.

Meanwhile, studies on different types of the microbiome are being used to help understand how gut microflora can affect human health. At the same time, research into food factory microbiomes is helping to identify food safety hot spots in these facilities.

A number of Technology Writers are former scientists who understand science and the way scientists think, and they can make complex science and esoteric subjects comprehensible to all.