Research & development

Technology Writers have experience of working in research and development environments. So, they understand the meaning and importance of evidence-based research.

Experimental research
From experimental research in a range of physical sciences and randomly controlled trials (RCTs) in health research, to literature-based studies, they can identify the scientific experts in different fields.

They also understand the limitations of epidemiological studies and recognise the importance of pulling together different sorts of analysis to arrive at a better picture of the real evidence from research – from animal studies to Cochrane studies in human health to meta-analyses of whole bodies of research in a different areas.

Pilot projects to scale-up
Technology Writers have worked both in the laboratory and on the factory floor, carrying out development trials in real-life situations. So, they understand the processes involved and what is required to successfully take theoretical ideas and ‘blue-sky’ thinking to the implementation stage, involving factory pilot projects and trials, and subsequent scale-up for commercial production.