Vic Wyman

Vic Wyman is a widely-experienced journalist based in Brussels, Belgium, where he is well-placed to report on European Union (EU) policy developments, to interview European figures and to cover the many policy and technical meetings held in the EU capital.

He often interprets complex topics for a broad and non-specialist readership around the world. Much of the reporting requires technical understanding, familiarity with EU policy-making and skill at dealing with MEPs, European Commission officials and lobbyists.

Areas of interest include: energy (including nuclear and renewables); the environment (including water and air); insurance and risk; financial services; the food industry; robotics; and other engineering and technical subjects.

He has edited several international publications and has managed staff and teams of stringers around the world. He has extensive experience of writing, editing, planning, budgeting, design, production and commissioning writers and photographers. He has regularly written for, edited and managed news websites.

He also worked as the media and communications adviser to the Secretary for Education in Papua New Guinea, advising on, editing and writing reports, newspaper ads, newsletters, press releases and other publications, advising on internal communications and reporting systems, organising meetings and workshops and training staff.

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