Catherine Rushton

A food scientist by education and profession, Catherine has 17 years’ experience in research and development, working at Nestlé Health Science and Danone Nutricia Research. Catherine has written to a high technical and legal standards within this field. Her full experience can be seen at LinkedIn

Combining her passion for food science and writing, Catherine is currently developing a series of illustrated children’s books. The Big Experiment teaches children the subject of food science by encompassing its basic principles in a series of action-packed adventure stories.

Catherine continues to build her writing portfolio, whilst working in the food industry part-time. Her experience to date includes commercial copy, consumer blogs, SEO and science/news articles.

Being at the cutting edge of nutrition gives Catherine a unique voice within the food industry. Her current freelance writing revolves around nutrition, clean label, natural ingredients and the health promoting benefits of food and diet. However, as her repertoire of writing styles is broad and experience of the food industry varied, she would be happy to write on any subject within the food industry.

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