Environmental engineering

We only have one planet, but according to environmental experts we are currently consuming the resources of three planets. It’s not sustainable and the pressure will be on us all to cut our wasteful use of the earth’s precious limited resources.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
To help people ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, the business and industrial world will need to come to the aid of citizens, by using their expertise and adopting engineering solutions that reduce the environmental impact of what we consume throughout the natural lifecycle of manmade products.

From better design of plastic packaging and the development of more recyclable materials, to the creation of infrastructures that encourage waste reduction and recycling, business and industry will also need to adopt new technologies that reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable production
People will have to come up with more sustainable production methods and processes that help reduce water consumption – both embedded within products and used in their manufacture. They will also have to reduce the creation of solid waste and effluent, while cutting atmospheric emissions of carbon and other chemicals that damage the world’s delicate ecosystems.

Technology Writers have expertise in writing about all of the diverse areas: from sustainable construction and more efficient process design, involving waste reduction, to the use of advanced renewable energy systems, including combined heat and power (CHP) systems, wind power and photovoltaics to make use of the sun’s energy.