Food technology

Today’s food and drink manufacture is driven by changing consumer demand. People want tasty and affordable food that is value for money, while conveniently meeting their busy lifestyles, delivered how and when they want it.

Value versus values
Suppliers also have to meet the sometimes conflicting ‘values’ that people hold – wanting cheap food and drink that is sustainably produced and welfare friendly.

In a changing world in which health-related issues, such as the ‘obesity epidemic’, are focusing the attention of regulators and health groups on calorie-dense food and drink as a major source of the problem, food developers, scientist and technologists are being presented with major challenges in their new product development (NPD).

They need to come up with tasty products, that are also healthier, but also don’t put consumers at risk through greater susceptibility to the growth of dangerous pathogens when natural preservatives such as salt are reduced.

Expert knowledge
Technology Writers have a wealth of expert knowledge in all of these areas. They are able to provide an evidence-based understanding of the science behind new food and drink products and processes, while putting this in the context of regulatory and commercial environments in which food and drink businesses operate. They also have extensive knowledge about food safety systems.